Monday, November 1, 2010

Scholarship News

Now that the Dance Company has retired from AGHS, We have been pondering the scholarship and what it will mean for its future.
For the time being, it will be on hold while we continue to put money into it by selling more books (sold 2 more recently, thank you, Jayden and Tom) and by having PG&E match the funds.
Right now our goal is to make the scholarship perpetual, meaning the interest paid annually will become the amount we will give to the recipients. The amount needed to do that is
$10,000.00  and we will be half way after this year. So, there will be no awards this coming year nor the next in order to add to the fund.
This is exciting news! Our wish has always been to make the Amber Carter Memorial Scholarships solid, annual, and prestigious. In this way we can accomplish this goal and no matter what the economy dictates, there will always be awards for those in need to further their education. Thanks to all who have donated, bought books, flipped coins into the wishing well at Finn's.

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