Monday, May 24, 2010

Good bye to Debby !

The AGHS Dance Company has lost their director, Debby Sims-Sagisi. This is her last year to teach the Dance program and be director of the dance company. After 30 years, she is retiring. Thanks to her we have had a stellar group of dancers performing their craft since 1994. Amber was one of the first dancers to be in the company, followed by her sissy, Bridgett, in 1995. Both of my girls had the honor of being a part of a program that has changed the lives of many students.
Since 2000, the Dance Co. has contributed funds from their annual performance, "Past and Present" to the Amber Carter Memorial Scholarship. Since its inception, there have been 36 seniors awarded $15,850.00 in scholarship awards. Bravo!

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